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  1. 14:39History of Wireless {Repost}
  2. 14:39A Closer Look at Living Things
  3. 14:39Vitamins and the Immune System [Repost]
  4. 14:39"Modern Well Test Analysis: A Computer-Aided Approach" by Roland N. Horne
  5. 14:39Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release - A Video Guide to Techniques (2003) [Repost]
  6. 14:39Comparative Company Law: Text and Cases on the Laws Governing Corporations in Germany, the UK and the USA
  7. 14:39Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release - A Video Guide to Techniques (2003) [Repost]
  8. 14:39Phase-Field Methods in Materials Science and Engineering [Repost]
  9. 14:39QoS Over Heterogeneous Networks (Repost)
  10. 14:39Tribology & Biophysics of Artificial Joints, Volume 50

Author / ReadersTop10 Science/Engineering eBooks:

  1. 1642[request_ebook] Electronics and Communication Engineering eBooks Collection
  2. 1072Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools (2nd Edition)
  3. by Bruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, Theodore H. Okiishi / 1023[request_ebook] Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, 5th Edition
  4. 1011The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk: Foreword by Martha Sears, RN (Breastfeeding Mothers Guide)
  5. 992Instructor Solution Manual : Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems , 8th Edition
  6. 989Digital Image Processing 2Ed Gonzalez-woods
  7. 979Vector Mechanics for Engineers: Dynamics, 7/e: Solutions Manual?
  8. by Serway/Jewett / 976[request_ebook] Physics for Scientists and Engineers with modern physics STUDENT SOLUTIONS MANUAL 7th edition
  9. 968ASTM Standards 2004
  10. 965Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 8ed. Student Solutions Manual and Study Guide

Added TimeLatest Added Science/Engineering eBooks:

  1. 2019-10-18Beginning Radio Communications: Radio Projects and Theory
  2. 2019-10-18Deep Learning for NLP and Speech Recognition
  3. 2019-10-17Astrobiology: The Search for Life Elsewhere in the Universe (Hot Science)
  4. 2019-10-17Composites for Environmental Engineering
  5. 2019-10-17Introduction to Stochastic Processes and Simulation
  6. 2019-10-17Statistics for Data Science
  7. 2019-10-16Recent Developments in the Theory of Shells
  8. 2019-10-15Computing and Communication Systems in Urban Development: A Detailed Perspective 2019
  9. 2019-10-15Structural Materials: Properties and Selection
  10. 2019-10-15Flowing Matter 2019
  11. 2019-10-15Computational Intelligence and Optimization Methods for Control Engineering 2019
  12. 2019-10-15Selfie Biometrics: Advances and Challenges 2019
  13. 2019-10-14Artificial intelligence - When do machines take over? 2020
  14. 2019-10-12A Math-Based Writing System for Engineers: Sentence Algebra & Document Algorithms 2020
  15. 2019-10-12Computational Fluid Dynamics: Applications in Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Treatment 2019
  16. 2019-10-12Stargazing: Photographs of the Night Sky from the Archives of NASA 2019
  17. 2019-10-10How Science Works: Evolution: The Nature of Science & The Science of Nature, Second Edition
  18. 2019-10-10Scientific Discovery in the Social Sciences 2019
  19. 2019-10-10The Mind of an Engineer PDF, EPUB
  20. 2019-10-10Electromagnetic Metamaterials: Modern Insights into Macroscopic Electromagnetic Fields 2019
  21. 2019-10-09The Art of Statistics: How to Learn from Data 2019
  22. 2019-10-09Advanced Linear Machines and Drive Systems 2019
  23. 2019-10-09Technology and the Growth of Civilization 2019
  24. 2019-10-09Statistical Mechanics: An Introductory Graduate Course 2019
  25. 2019-07-12Elements of the Random Walk: An introduction for Advanced Students and Researchers
  26. 2019-07-10How to Be Good at Science, Technology, and Engineering
  27. 2019-07-09How It Works: Book of Incredible Science - June 2019
  28. 2019-07-06How It Works - Book of Robots 4th Edition 2019
  29. 2019-07-06The Visual Dictionary of Universe and Earth
  30. 2019-07-06The Periodic Table Book A Visual Encyclopedia of the Element
  31. 2019-07-06DK-One Million Things: Science
  32. 2019-07-06Big Ideas Simply Explained – The Ecology Book
  33. 2019-07-06The Science Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained)
  34. by Kelly Doudna / 2019-07-06The Kids' Book of Simple Machines: Cool Projects & Activities That Make Science Fun
  35. by Rachel Harrison and Andrew Josey / 2019-06-27[request_ebook] [request_ebook] TOGAF? 9 Foundation Study Guide, 4th Edition
  36. 2018-11-15Designing for the Digital Age: How to Create Human-Centered Products and Services,
  37. by Md. Rezaul Karim / 2018-09-05Scala Machine Learning Projects
  38. by Jeff Smith / 2018-08-31Machine Learning Systems: Designs that scale
  39. by Francois Chollet, J. J. Allaire / 2018-08-31Deep Learning with R
  40. by Nick Furneaux / 2018-08-23Investigating Cryptocurrencies: Understanding, Extracting, and Analyzing Blockchain Evidence


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